Students Create Their Own Joyful ‘toons

I received an email from a reader back in 2015 who had a great idea for using my cartoons. I had intended to share it on my blog, and then didn’t get around to it, until now. The email was from Timothy Sliekers, a fourth grade teacher at a private school in Illinois. The school curriculum required the students to learn several memory verses throughout the year. He intended to use my cartoons in a project to help his class with memorizing the Bible verses. The project was to have his students create their own cartoons, based on that week’s memory verse, in the style of Joyful ‘toons. I’m sure their cartoons were a great help in memorizing the verses. He shared some of their cartoons with me, and now, though long overdue, I am sharing them with you. I would give all of them an ‘A’. If anyone else wants to use this idea for their own teaching assignment, please feel free to do so.

I like how this cartoonist depicts Satan as a black storm cloud attacking the flowers with lightning bolts of lies, but then the flowers are restored and protected through faith in the truth of God’s Word, depicted as water from a watering can.

This artist had a similar idea – the poor flower is crying at Satan’s accusation that it is “not beautiful”. But God brings comforting words of truth: “You are beautiful”.

This is the worksheet that was given to the students. Two of my cartoons were given as examples for the students. This student drew two astronauts floating in outer space, admiring God’s handiwork.

I like that this one shows that it is “not too hard for God” to restore what Satan has damaged.

I like how this young artist has taken this verse about the Lord’s understanding and personalized it. God doesn’t just understand all of creation, He also understands the young girl and her problems.

The drawing in this one is simple but depicts the idea clearly. Three pairs of hands are shown, praying to God, and asking for help. God is shown as the sun, high above, seeing everyone and hearing their prayers, and saying “I understand.”

This cartoon humorously shows God creating the earth in His “craftshop”.