“Rescue ‘copter” revised

I made a slight revision to my cartoon “Rescue ‘copter”. The cartoon shows two men camping in a forest. A sign lets us know that it is “Sin Forest”. In the distance we can see a raging fire. It is burning up the forest and heading toward the campers. The fire represents God’s judgment against sin. Hovering over the men is a helicopter which has let down a ladder for the men to climb up and escape the coming fire. The helicopter represents God’s mercy to mankind, which He made available through the death and resurrection of Jesus. I suppose I could’ve labeled the ladder “Faith”. One man is urgently climbing the ladder, while the other man seems oblivious to the approaching danger. When I drew this cartoon, I was thinking about how our God is a God of justice, and also a God of mercy.


In my original cartoon, the helicopter had a red cross painted on the side of it. I became a little concerned that the red cross might be mistaken for the symbol of the Red Cross, the organization that provides help for people in disasters. I think the Red Cross is a fine organization, but it is not what I intended the helicopter to represent. So in my revised cartoon, I changed the cross to look more like the cross of Jesus.

Rescue Copter - Psalm 89:14