Piranha Pauly

About a year ago I was asked by a friend of mine to create a cartoon for some people who were planning to open a restaurant in Mayport, FL. The name of the restaurant was going to be “Piranha Pauly’s”, and they wanted a cartoon piranha for their logo. They wanted a toothy piranha, but they didn’t want him to be scary looking. I came up with two versions of Pauly.

Piranha Paulie

Piranha Paulie – version one

Piranha Paulie 2 chef

Piranha Paulie – version two

I liked version two. The client preferred version one, but wanted him to have the hat and frying pan from version 2. My friend, Amy Zackowski of Whispering Dog Design, created the finished logo. I don’t know if the restaurant has opened yet.

finished logo

finished logo

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