KJV cartoons restored to website

I’m happy to report that all of the cartoons with the King James Version Bible verse are back on the website. As before, there is a link that reads “KJV” below the cartoon on the ‘toons page of the site. Click the link, and it brings up the KJV version of the cartoon that you are viewing in a separate window. I’m glad to be able to offer that option again for all of those readers who prefer the King James. Of course, you may still email me to request a zipped file of all of the cartoons with the KJV (or the NIV for that matter), so you don’t have to download the cartoons one at a time.

I’ve also upgraded the quality of the jpgs on the website. Hopefully, they will look sharper on your computer screen, and look better when printed in bulletins, newsletters, etc.

Some other recent changes to the website: I’ve added a link on the ‘toons page to the Joyful toons Facebook page, and I’ve updated the Portuguese page, adding several new Portuguese cartoons.

Finally, I’ve just now had the privilege of translating several more of the cartoons into Dutch (Nederlands). I currently have 18 of the cartoons in Dutch. If you or someone you know is interested in receiving them, let me know via email.