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The Right Track

The Right Track - Matthew 6:33

“all these things” referred to in this verse are all the things we need to live, as stated in the previous verses: food, clothing, shelter, etc. Jesus tells us that they will “be added to us” as we “seek first the kingdom of God”.

King James Version

Be Still

Be Still - Psalm 46:10

When you find yourself in a situation that’s over your head, don’t give in to fear, but trust that God is able to sustain you in the midst of trouble

King James Version

Guard Your Heart

Guard Your Heart - Proverbs 4:23

We need to be careful about the things we allow into heart. We can’t allow Satan to dump his garbage of fear, doubt, and sin in the well of our heart.

Wages or Gift

Wages or Gift - Romans 6:23

The choice is clear: continue in sin and receive the wages due to sin; or turn to Jesus and receive God’s gift of eternal life.

Incidentally, this is the 200th Joyful ‘toon to be published to the site.

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