Open Wide

Open Wide - Psalm 81:10

A baby bird in the nest will open up it’s beak wide to the mother bird because it knows that she will give it what it needs. Our Father God also has many good blessings to bestow on His children, if we would but open up to Him in faith.

King James Version

Envious Penguin

Envious Penguin - Proverbs 14:30

A penguin would be quite sad and frustrated if he tried to use his wings to fly like other birds.  But a penguin in the water is quite content because there he can use his wings to swim gracefully.  Likewise, we will not find contentment and joy until we stop comparing ourselves to others, and instead, inquire of the Lord as to the place he has for us in his plan.

King James Version


Salvager - John 19:10

Like the auto collector and restorer in the cartoon, Jesus sees great value in people – even people with broken, damaged lives – so much so that He paid a high price to buy them back from Satan: His life. Jesus can heal and restore the life of anyone who puts their faith and trust in Him.

King James Version


Justice - Romans 3:26

God not only shows His justice by judging and condemning sin, but He shows His mercy in Jesus, whom He sent to pay the penalty for our sin. If we authorize Him by faith, Jesus will be our defense attorney before the judge.

King James Version